Travel back in time to the Prohibition era, when thousands of speakeasies operating in hidden places satisfied the nation's thirst for forbidden spirits. The Roaring 20's saw the rise of flappers, jazz, and the Mob.

Mob Bar is a one-of-a-kind Speakeasy. We feature a Prohibition Cocktail Menu, Sinatra & Jazz Music, Themed events, Gangster Movies, Live Music, & Burlesque Shows in a high end 2 room Speakeasy located in the heart of Downtown Pomona. Our cocktail & food menu features names of prominent real gangsters as well as your favorite wise guys from movies.

Mob Bar was created by New Yorker, Brian "BO$$"" Cohen, who has owned, operated & consulted Nightclubs & Bars all over North America for the last 2 decades. Cohen built the first Mob Bar in Downtown Los Angeles, where there was a basement with secret tunnels, bullet holes & it has been verified to have had notorious gangsters Mickey Cohen, Bugsy Siegel and others who had sit downs and meetings down there.

After the lengthy Covid 19 shutdowns in California, Cohen decided to build a chain of Mob Bars across America. Mob Bar in Downtown Galveston was created and has been operating since May of 2021. Soon to follow in Galveston are the launches of Godfather Hookah & Mob Beach. Returning to Los Angeles, Cohen now has his sights on opening multiple Mob Bars in the LA Metro area. Downtown Pomona is the first of many to come in LA County!