Nicknames: Boss, Boss Cohen
Quotes: Those who want respect... Give Respect...
Associations: Will not disclose.

Growing up in the Underworld of New York, Cohen is the creative visionary behind the MOB BAR concept. Inspired by his obsession with the 1920’s ERA, Gangster movies & real-life family & associates, he created a one-of-a-kind speakeasy bar chain. He opened the first Mob Bar in Downtown Los Angeles in March 2020 at a Historic Building that allegedly Mickey Cohen, Jack Dragna & Bugsy Siegel had meetings in the Underground basement. The location had secret tunnels, and even bullet holes on some doors, from shoot outs that occurred nearly 80 years ago.

Cohen has been involved with over 300 Nightlife Ventures all over North America, has won many awards and spoken at many Nightlife Conventions. Mr. Cohen is also the CEO of other Hospitality brands such as Attitude Lounge, Mangos Beach Club, Maze Nightclub, Moonshine Cowgirls, & Blonde Martini. He has his hands in a Commercial Real Estate Company, Sports Betting Business & a Sports Card Company. He is the legal version of a wise guy! His major passion is writing, and he is currently working on a Nightlife Gangster Book based on his very intriguing real-life story, which is almost complete.

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